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Welcome to the companion CD-ROM for the 12th Editions Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars and Blue Book of Electric Guitars!
This CD-ROM contains over 7,500 color guitar images and guitar descriptions from the books. When this image appears in the book it indicates that one or more images are available for that manufacturer or model on this CD-ROM. Select a corresponding book (acoustic/electric) and manufacturer letter to get started!
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To display the Help/Contact Us page (which is the page you are currently viewing): 
Click on the Help link located at the top of each page.
To switch between the acoustic guitar and electric guitar information:
If you are viewing information from the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, you will see an Electric Guitar link. If you are viewing information from the Blue Book of Electric Guitars you will see an Acoustic Guitar link.
To access model descriptions and images: 
Use the letters across the top of each page. Select the first letter of the manufacturer's name you are looking for. All of the manufacturers that begin with that letter will be displayed. Select the one you are looking for. From there, you may choose links that give history, details, model listings, etc., for that manufacturer. To return to the previous screen, click the arrow image, the accompanying text, or use the back button on your browser.  
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Click anywhere on the header at the top of each page. Our website has plenty of information for the firearms, guitars/amplifiers, and billiard industries. Be sure to check it all out!
We hope you enjoy your CD-ROM.